ONSET Ventures: Rebrand

Challenge: How do you humanize a private equity firm for IT and medical technology industries?
Insight: Lean into their historically unwavering support — and how they envelop there clients with insight, hard work, and constancy through every step of the process
Idea: With ONSET, there is no magic number. No clever algorithm. No single formula. But there is one ingredient: the promise of support from start to success. This is our unformula to success.
Output: Brand Platform, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, and Microsite

Portable North Pole: Video

Background: What do you do with zero new assets, zero new budget, and few resources?
Goal: You create a beautiful video anyway.
Idea: The audience gets a whimsical preview of the themes and scenes available through the Portable North Pole by featuring reactions of kids receiving a video letter form Santa. What a thrill to be able to share secrets from Santa’s Village for all to enjoy. Note: Click image to play video (also watch the adorable teaser here).Link to teaser

EGGO: Website + Product Launch

Background: Eggo wanted a warm way to introduce new flavours online
Insight: When grocery shopping, Moms read labels on everything (even if they don’t always know what the ingredients mean)
Idea: Warm breakfasts transform your family in surprising ways — so much so that we had to put a “Warming Label” on our packaging.

Ritz: Gamified Online Ad

Background: Built on top of the original EuroRSCG “Open for Fun” campaign, we asked thousands of Americans to take our survey and tell us what they considered fun.
Idea: Leverage the results into an in-banner gaming experience. The result? 4 times more interaction than any previous benchmarks. Link to animation

Chips Ahoy!: Online TV Ad

The sweetest chip on TV. The chunkiest bachelor on MySpace. And now, your most irresistible viewing companion on ABC & NBC dotcom full episode players. Featuring 4 contextual video ads and 2 interactive ads. Note: Click image to play video

Double Stuf Oreo: Manning Brothers & Williams Sisters Promo

An Open letter from the Commissioner of the league of the future

Dear America,
Not so long ago, this League was just a dream. A dream of a place where people of all ages and skill levels could embrace the spirit of friendly competition and good, clean fun.

Now, with two superstar athletes, new corporate sponsors, and special VIP rewards for our first diehard fans, that dream is on the verge of becoming reality. And just what is this “second sport” that’s causing such a fuss? I’m afraid I can’t reveal that until opening day. But you’re welcome to guess.

And I can promise you this: It’s going to be big.

The Commish