Kellogg: LinkedIn Paid Media (Refresh)

Ask: Increase lead and application start volume for degree programs; which includes 1) Driving more volume of qualified prospects to build larger RT pools and increase web actions, 2) Increasing frequency of targeted messaging to refined targeted audiences to be more top-of-mind and encourage conversion​, 3) Meeting potential applicants where they’re going by telling a compelling story about building their leadership story during uncertain/volatile times (COVID, economy/inflation)

Challenge: Developing meaningful value propositions and benefit statements to craft consumer-facing language, as well as refreshing the design system to bring consistency and cohesiveness to the storytelling.

Outcome: Blew benchmarks out of the water!

OpenX: POV Website


Challenge: How can we expand OpenX revenue and market share with brand marketers and agencies?

Insight: Become a trusted partner by giving publishers, advertisers, and data partners our answers to really complex problems — using our own ad selling and buying data and partnerships.

Outcome: POV — A learning tool for digital marketers, with highly curated content by expert business and marketing minds who share their knowledge on the most complex and contested topics in digital advertising — data and identity, audience segmentation, creative development, post-cookie optimization. [Original illustrations, editorial design; great opportunity to experiment with look, feel and sound to inform forthcoming brand redesign)].

OpenX: POV (Promo Video)

Challenge: How can we promote the publication in a meaningful way?

Insight: Be non-boring. Use original artwork and illustrations to help crack the code on complex marketing problems, while sparking curiosity on the feeds.

Outcome: Promo Video — high concept, high execution promotion spot promoting POV as a rich content experience and unparalleled tool for digital marketers.

OpenX: POV Episode 3 (Video Series)

Challenge: What are the chances we can turn our partners into influencers?

Idea: Create a 3-part video series where experts uncover and unravel the real-life impacts of the current marketing evolution — and how to thrive amid it all

Outcome: People of Vision (POV)
The marketing game isn’t what it used to be — and that’s a good thing. While it can feel daunting to jump into this new world, with its constant shifts and new technology, doing it right will mean better content, better connections and better business.

Pull back the industry curtain for behind-the-scenes conversations about this powerful evolution, the practical steps to get through it, and the most pressing marketing issues of today with Lou Paskalis, President & COO at MMA Global; Cara Lewis, Chief Investment Officer at Dentsu Media; Erica Schmidt, Global CEO at Matterkind; and Valerie Carlson, Global Chief Creative Officer at Critical Mass.

Check out what they had to say about honest storytelling, responsible data, inclusive teams and more in our People of Vision video series.

Eventbrite: Brand Book

Challenge: Britelings love working at eventbrite, yet don’t always know how to spread that love as a brand 
Goal: Create a brand book that’s both inspirational and educational
Highlights: It’s digital, it has definitions and diagrams, it features an elevator pitch, it’s got a never-had-it-before core value prop, and it’s eventbrite’s first-ever Brand Book.

Eventbrite: Made For Those Who Do – Brand Campaign

Challenge: Hypothesis – Driving awareness and perception at the top of the funnel will act as a catalyst that fuels all marketing efforts of the business in the short term, while building long-term brand equity.

Insight: We are Global but events are hyperlocal. A city-based approach should allow us to connect with our audience in a deeper, more relevant and emotional way.

Outcome:As Eventbrite’s first brand campaign this was our opportunity to put our stake in the ground and show a wider audience what we do. We therefore wanted to create something that was ownable to Eventbrite, congruent with brand guidelines, and stood out amongst other brands in the category. [OOH (Digital Boards, Brooklyn Subway, ATL Shelter, Billboards), Social, Paid, Events, Mural, Influencer Challenge]

Lunchables: IMC + Product Launch

Background: As part of the larger Project Potential campaign, “Keep the Smiles Coming” was a Lunchables “Now with Fruit” launch
Activation: Anchored by OOH executions in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, this was the biggest advertising and cause-related marketing campaign in its brand history, featuring: social media campaign; Times Square takeover with 7 digital video billboards; 5 interactive digital storefronts; donation to Feeding America.

Shutterfly: Catalogue

Insight: Americans still want prints of their photos (otherwise they just sit as files on their phones and computers)
Idea: Remind customers that they can “make” even more of the moments they share with love ones

ONSET Ventures: Rebrand

Challenge: How do you humanize a private equity firm for IT and medical technology industries?
Insight: Lean into their historically unwavering support — and how they envelop there clients with insight, hard work, and constancy through every step of the process
Idea: With ONSET, there is no magic number. No clever algorithm. No single formula. But there is one ingredient: the promise of support from start to success. This is our unformula to success.
Output: Brand Platform, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, and Microsite