Eventbrite: Brand Book

Insight: Britelings love working at eventbrite, yet don’t always know how to spread that love as a brand 
Goal: Create a brand book that’s both inspirational and educational
Highlights: It’s digital, it has definitions and diagrams, it features an elevator pitch, it’s got a never-had-it-before core value prop, and it’s eventbrite’s first-ever Brand Book.

Lunchables: IMC + Product Launch

Background: As part of the larger Project Potential campaign, “Keep the Smiles Coming” was a Lunchables “Now with Fruit” launch
Insight: Kids love playing with their food—so let them play with their fruit
Idea: Feature kids playing with their fruit while making fruit smiles
Activation: Anchored by OOH executions in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, this was the biggest advertising and cause-related marketing campaign in its brand history, featuring: social media campaign; Times Square takeover with 7 digital video billboards; 5 interactive digital storefronts; donation to Feeding America.

Shutterfly: Catalogue

Insight: Americans still want prints of their photos (otherwise they just sit as files on their phones and computers)
Idea: Remind customers that they can “make” even more of the moments they share with love ones
Highlight: Working with this kid model was an adorable dream

ONSET Ventures: Rebrand

Challenge: How do you humanize a private equity firm for IT and medical technology industries?
Insight: Lean into their historically unwavering support — and how they envelop there clients with insight, hard work, and constancy through every step of the process
Idea: With ONSET, there is no magic number. No clever algorithm. No single formula. But there is one ingredient: the promise of support from start to success. This is our unformula to success.
Output: Brand Platform, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, and Microsite

Portable North Pole: Video

Background: What do you do with zero new assets, zero new budget, and few resources?
Goal: You create a beautiful video anyway.
Idea: The audience gets a whimsical preview of the themes and scenes available through the Portable North Pole by featuring reactions of kids receiving a video letter form Santa. What a thrill to be able to share secrets from Santa’s Village for all to enjoy. Note: Click image to play video (also watch the adorable teaser here).Link to teaser

EGGO: Website + Product Launch

Background: Eggo wanted a warm way to introduce new flavours online
Insight: When grocery shopping, Moms read labels on everything (even if they don’t always know what the ingredients mean)
Idea: Warm breakfasts transform your family in surprising ways — so much so that we had to put a “Warming Label” on our packaging.

Ritz: Gamified Online Ad

Background: Built on top of the original EuroRSCG “Open for Fun” campaign, we asked thousands of Americans to take our survey and tell us what they considered fun.
Idea: Leverage the results into an in-banner gaming experience. The result? 4 times more interaction than any previous benchmarks. Link to animation

Chips Ahoy!: Online TV Ad

The sweetest chip on TV. The chunkiest bachelor on MySpace. And now, your most irresistible viewing companion on ABC & NBC dotcom full episode players. Featuring 4 contextual video ads and 2 interactive ads. Note: Click image to play video