OpenX: POV Episode 3 (Video Series)

Challenge: What are the chances we can turn our partners into influencers?

Idea: Create a 3-part video series where experts uncover and unravel the real-life impacts of the current marketing evolution — and how to thrive amid it all

Outcome: People of Vision (POV)
The marketing game isn’t what it used to be — and that’s a good thing. While it can feel daunting to jump into this new world, with its constant shifts and new technology, doing it right will mean better content, better connections and better business.

Pull back the industry curtain for behind-the-scenes conversations about this powerful evolution, the practical steps to get through it, and the most pressing marketing issues of today with Lou Paskalis, President & COO at MMA Global; Cara Lewis, Chief Investment Officer at Dentsu Media; Erica Schmidt, Global CEO at Matterkind; and Valerie Carlson, Global Chief Creative Officer at Critical Mass.

Check out what they had to say about honest storytelling, responsible data, inclusive teams and more in our People of Vision video series.