Khan Academy: 2016 Annual Report

For the last 10 years, Khan Academy has been very busy providing a world class education to anyone, anywhere. So it was an honor being asked to help lead the creative on their first annual report that celebrates more than a year of creating FREE educational videos—we’re celebrating a year of eliminating the barriers to learning around the world. That’s a mission worth reporting on. Enjoy!

Role: creative strategy, copywriting

The Laurel School: Brand Refresh


After 50 years of educating children, we gave the school a fresh voice, a fresh look, and … their first, super fresh annual report. It’s amazing what you can do with a few talented volunteers and the belief that every child can gain the confidence to learn and be a success. Developing a new brand story for this school has truly been a labour of love.

Role: creative direction, brand strategy, copywriting

Canadian Cancer Society: Brand Positioning

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Realizing that people hate (or just ignore) brand standards that read like legal documents, we created something that would be helpful and heartening. Rather than a document policing the brand, this inspiring guideline became a story about L.I.F.E. — not cancer.

Role: copywriting, creative strategy


 lunchables-3 1-home
As part of the larger Project Potential campaign, “Keep the Smiles Coming” was a Lunchables “Now with Fruit” launch — as well as a collaboration with Feeding America to get more fresh fruit to kitchens, food pantries and shelters.

Anchored by OOH executions in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, this was the biggest advertising and cause-related marketing campaign in its brand history, featuring: a  robust social media campaign encouraging people to upload ‘Fruit Smile’ photos to drive fruit donations; a Times Square takeover with 7 digital video billboards; 5 interactive digital storefronts with facial-recognition technology (enabling people to update and share ‘Fruit Smile’ photos); and a mobile tour with interactive fruit-themed games, and a photo booth.

Role: copywriting

Pearle Vision: Social Media Posts

I was brought on to help to give Pearle Vision a fresh look and sound in social media. The creative strategy was so solid, they are still using it today.

Role: creative strategy, copwriting

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